Oracle Database Specialist

Company Name:
Cillium Corp
Position: Oracle Database Specialist
Location: Albany, NY
Duration: 24 Months
Only on w2: Citizens GC/EAD GC/TN1
Job Description:
The Specialist will be responsible for, but not limited to, the analysis and design of websites and data collection systems, including the transformation of legislative requirements into system functionality; designs system architecture and user interface; responsible for software development tasks including coding, testing, and implementation; prepares technical and user documentation
Candidates should have at least 7 years experience, and at least one of the following should apply:
Experience interpreting physical database models and understanding relational database concepts such as indexes, primary and foreign keys, and constraints using Oracle.
Experience working with Oracle version 9i or later.
Experience in using ORACLE programming tools (SQL Plus, PL/SQL, SQL Loader or other ORACLE database programming tools).
Experience with writing, optimizing, and troubleshooting dynamically created SQL within procedures
Experience creating database objects such as Tables, Indexes, Views, Sequences, Primary and Foreign keys, Constraints and Triggers
Experience with linking MS Access database to Oracle maintaining data structures.
Experience with data modeling tools
Please note that our client does allow Skype/remote interviews. However they reserve the right to require an in-person interview.
Does candidate anticipate any absences during the engagement period? If so, please list the start and end date for each absence.

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